About Us

Superlative adventures that allow you to revel in the destination: dig your feet deep into the sand of a exotic tropical isle, feel the rumble of the parade of majestic elephants on a sun-specked African plain, delight in visiting ancient South American ruins, glamorous European Cities, or famed museum's in New York to St. Petersburg, sink into the sheer tranquility of a five-star hotel in the midst of a bustling Asian city, practice your short games at St. Andrews, board a sub-orbital spacecraft for an unsurpassed journey far above the Earth, or enjoy the priceless camaraderie of a reunion cruising the high seas.

Life, Experience & Travel. Those three words simply describe what we deliver every day. Great Getaway Travels Pty Ltd was established on 5 June 2012 to be a part of the tourism and travel industry.

Great Getaway Travels is offering a variety of products and services for the travel need such as for business and holidays. Besides these, we plan to provide best price deals for international and domestic flights, hotel accommodation, car hire a great destination activity.